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Why Our Product Is Important?

To maintain high performance for a longer period of time, our complete range of Industrial Oil, Automotive Engine Oil, Diesel Engine Oil, Industrial Greases, Coolants, Power Steering Fluid, Lithium Based Grease, High Temperature Grease, etc., is very beneficial. With its regular use, the engine mileage and performance increases. Our products also keep the motor, brakes and engines rust proof, which could damage their performance. Besides, understanding the concern of the clients towards money, we offer our entire range to them at market leading rates.

Our Products

We are processing and supplying the following SAVLUB brand automobile products:

  • Industrial Oil
    • Automotive Engine Oil
    • Diesel Engine Oil
    • Four Stroke 4T Engine Oil
    • Gear Oil
    • Hydraulic Oil
    • Multigrade Engine Oil
    • Pump Set Oil
    • Tractor Engine Oil
    • Transmission Oil
  • Industrial Greases
    • High Temperature Grease
    • Lithium Based Grease
    • Automotive Greases
We also process:
  • Coolants
  • Power Steering Fluid

Systematic Storing & Proper Packaging

We have facility of storing our entire range of Industrial Oil, Industrial Greases, Clutch Fluid, Brake Fluid, Coolants, Power Steering Fluid, etc., in secure and systematic manner. For this, we have constructed a spacious warehouse. This unit sprawls across a large area of land and installed with advanced machines. The available facilities assist in easy and proper handling of the consignments. Further, we pay due importance to the packaging of the range. Thus, our packaging experts carefully pack the finished products in varying sizes tin containers, bottles, jars and carton boxes.

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